A Better Moving Experience

Make Your Move Better

I aim to give all of my clients a 5-star experience and that includes the moving process. As soon as you go "Under Contract," several processes begin to create a BETTER move for you and your family.

The BHGRE Moves program was built to create a fantastic moving experience for you. I can assist you during the difficult moving process, where you won't be left alone to deal with the stress and costs of figuring out your next steps.

Mover Concierge

Helping Buyers Move

During the moving process, the average homeowner spends a minimum of 5 hours researching and signing up for utilities to a new house. Let me remove this daunting task from your agenda! I have a team of experienced, well-trained consults that makes up my Mover Concierge service.

With one call, our team will coordinate the majority of your utilities! You'll receive exclusive deals and comparisons so you can make the best choice on services.

Buy With Confidence

  • Television
  • Internet
  • Electric
  • Phone
  • Natural Gas
  • Home Security
  • Water
  • And more!

Incredible Offers

No Cost to You, No Obligation from You

I have partnered with a long list of well-known brands to create perfectly-timed, move-related, money-saving offers for you! This includes home improvement, furniture, moving companies, truck rental, junk removal, pest control - even pizza for a quick meal!

These exclusive offers will be included in emails sent to you before your closing and will continue after you close as a "Thank You" for choosing me to assist you!