Rent to Own Homes in Georgia

As simple as renting. As powerful as owning.

Own More,  Every Month

Start building your future today with Divvy - an innovative option that helps renters transition to homeownership. Divvy offers an easy and simplified way to go from leasing to owning a home without a mortgage.

My brokerage partnered with Divvy to help get you in the home of your dreams faster. With the help of Divvy, you can turn your monthly rent into a down payment and become a homeowner for as little as 1% down!

Customer Requirements

  • Credit score of at least 550
  • Minimum income of $40K
  • Have at least $1,300 saved up and ready to go for a down payment
  • Applicants must be currently employed
  • Applicants must have been employed for the past 12 months (multiple jobs are fine)
  • Average monthly income of at least $2,300/month
  • Applicant can comfortably afford their Divvy monthly payment
  • If applicants have declared bankruptcy, their bankruptcy has been discharged over 12 months ago

Go Home Shopping

First, get in touch with me so I can help you get pre-qualified. Once you're approved, we can start the home shopping process!

From searching available homes to negotiating with sellers, Divvy can be used to buy any home on the market priced up to $300,000.

Buy Your Home

Once you have found a home, Divvy purchases the home and then leases the property to you. I'll work with you to determine a home budget that you're comfortable with.

Divvy only requires 1% down and covers all fees, closing costs, taxes, and insurance.

Move In and Save

As you live in your new home, you'll gradually build up ownership. A small add-on to your monthly payment goes toward your "equity credits". This will be your down payment when you're ready to purchase the home from Divvy.

Divviers typically qualify for their mortgage in less than three years!